Black River Memorial Hospital's Café is proud to feature a "Good For You" eating program called "BWELLthy that promotes healthy living by serving a great tasting meal utilizing the "Plate" method of 50% fruits and vegetables.  This  choices are available for employees and for community members within the Café at BRMH. The meals provide about 1/3 of the average calorie goal of 1800.  Most meals range from 495-594 calories.

Within the program, participants have the option of utilizing a Frequent Choices punch card.  For  every 10 punches, 1 free meal is obtained.  One also has the option to double vegetable serving sizes for an extra .25 cents and only 25 calories.  The menu frequently features monthly Harvest of the Month food items that the Jackson In Action Coalition spotlights.

This program offers a wide variety of menu items and choices. The  daily meal includes an entrée, vegetable, fruit, and milk for $4.50.  A goal of the program is to also offer locally sourced seasonal choices as they are available. 

Menu Examples:

Lemon Dijon Cod on Brown Rice,  Double Vegetable, Fresh Fruit, Skim Milk

Black Bean Burger on Bakery Bun with Strawberry Salsa and Sugar Snap Peas.

 Big Bowl Soups:
Choose any broth-based (or tomato) soup served in the 'big bowl' and add two hot vegetables or add veggies from the salad bar (use separate plate and weigh first). Hearty and filling yet a lower calorie choice.

Build a Good-for-You Salad:
Dark greens, lots of vegetables, beans/legumes (kidney, garbanzo), eggs, cheese, sunflower seeds.
Topped with light dressing

The  plate below gives a visual of what the goal of every plate should look like. With one half being vegetables and fruit, one quarter being a whole grain or starchy veggie and the last quarter of the plate reserved for the main source of protein.

BRMH Plate_brmh.jpg

       View the Menu HERE