5210 - High Fives for Family Meals!

By Arissa Geiser, Viterbo College Nutrition Student

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This Month's Spotlight:

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High Fives for Family Meals

Families that eat together three or more times a week tend to have a healthier weight, engage in overall healthy eating patterns, and perform better in school.*
Five Meal-Time Tips:

  1. Prioritize it! Work around schedules. Mark the calendar when family meals are happening. Include time for cooking, eating, and cleaning!

  2. Plan it! Get input from family members and plan a menu for the week. Put it in on a chalkboard in the kitchen so they can look forward to that meal! Designate a “Chef” for each meal.

  3. Produce it!  Turn off the electronics and focus on each other. Talk about each other’s days and things to look forward to!

  4. Make it! Harvest of the Month Recipes from Jackson In Action

  5. Live it!  More about family meals here

*Hammons AJ, Fiese BH. Is Frequency of Shared Family Meals Related to the Nutritional Health of Children and Adolescents Pediatrics. 2011;127(6):e1565-e1574. doi:10.1542/peds.2010-1440.

Try a family favorite recipe from Harvest of the Month! Sahara Sweet Potato Soup

Photo Credit:simplehealthykitchen.com

Photo Credit:simplehealthykitchen.com